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The University of Deusto was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1886 in the context of a culturally and economically rich atmosphere in 19th century Bilbao. Starting in 1886, Deusto Law School is more than a hundred years old and is now a benchmark in Spanish research and teaching activities. In 1916, it became the first Spanish university to offer a degree in both Business and Economics. In the early 21th century, Deusto became the first European University to offer its whole set of undergraduates adapted to the ECTS system within the Bologna process.

The University has two campuses, in Bilbao and in San Sebastián and a headquarters in Madrid. As you see in the map, the Bilbao campus of the University of Deusto is located in the very heart of the city, along the Nervión River and opposite the Guggenheim Museum.

 The institution counts with 10.000 students, 600 professors and 1200 invited professors. Being a Jesuit University, Deusto is a part of an international network, formed by 202 educational institutions that provide a pedagogical tradition centered on the person as essential value.

Another important aspect is the internationalization. The University of Deusto is striving for internationalization, without excluding other regions, and demonstrates a clear commitment to Europe and Latin America having signed agreements with more than 200 Universities. Approximately 1300 students and 50 professors take part in mobility programmes.