The thematic focus of the 13th International Conference of the Spanish Association of Irish Studies (AEDEI), which will be hosted by the University of Deusto in the city of Bilbao revolves mainly around the concept of dysfunction in the Irish context. Dysfunction might be regarded as part and parcel of a portrayal of a landscape of trauma and crisis that may have been traditionally repressed in Ireland. But dysfunction also envisages mediation, transcending and healing. Thus, it will be of interest to examine how Ireland tackles dysfunction at large, but more importantly, how mediation, healing and transcending help in the understanding of the ever-changing and on-going process of the construction of an Irish identity today. With this theme we aim to examine Ireland through different disciplinary angles. From the perspective of Irish Studies, reflections on how dysfunction in its various forms is represented in the Irish context will provide a fruitful forum for debate and discussion from various interrelated angles.

Kate O’Brien in perspective: 

A closer link between Ireland and Bilbao will be a central focus too. Kate O’Brien’s production and her links with Spain and Portugalete/Bilbao will be of particular interest. A special event will take place to commemorate the Irish writer’s presence in Bilbao.

Young scholars in Irish studies in Spain: 

A special panel will be dedicated to young scholars who deal with Irish studies in Spain. Thus, M.A. and PhD candidates who are starting or well into their research on Irish studies at large will be able to present and introduce their research and interest in our conference. This will provide ample space for debate, discussion and advice.

Other possible topics include:

 Literary discourse

  • Narrating the Other
  • (Post-)colonial dysfunctional voices
  • Political discursive strategies dealing with dysfunction at large
  • The dysfunctional family
  • Utopias and dystopias.
  • Ireland, Europe and the wider world: envisaging dysfunction
  • Nationalist / religious discourse
  • Cinematic discourse and dysfunction
  • Discourse of the Irish diaspora
  • Immigrant voices and dysfunction: multicultural and transcultural
  • Discourse through the Irish language
  • Male/female dysfunctional voices
  • Identity in crisis: dysfunctional discourses about the economic crisis